Social Services are an integral part of the health care team, helping patients and their families cope with the challenges and problems caused by illness or life changes. As a patient/resident at Lost Rivers Medical Center, you have specific patient rights and responsibilities. We want you to be aware of these rights and responsibilities to allow you to be well informed, participate in your health care decisions, and communicate with your health care team. Our Social Services designee will assist with the following:

Psychosocial Assessment
Social Services designee will assist patients and families in identifying ways to cope with the psychosocial aspects of illness or injury.

Admission Planning
Social Services designee will address problems that delay or interfere with admissions to Lost Rivers Medical Center acute care or skilled nursing.

Advance Directives
Social Services designee provides support to help patient know their rights and to participate in making decisions about their health care. They provide patients and families with information about advance health care instructions, including living wills, health care treatment directives and durable powers of attorney.
Lost Rivers Medical Center respects a person’s right to participate in planning his/her health care, either directly through written instructions, or by appointment of another person to make decisions when the patient is unable to communicate his/her wishes.
An “advance directive” is one of several health care instructions such as a living will, health care treatment directive or durable power of attorney for health care. Your advance directive becomes effective only if you are unable to participate in making decisions for yourself. It is important that you discuss your preferences with your family, physician, clergy, attorney and friends so that others will be aware of your wishes.

Discharge Planning
Social Services designee’s can assist in developing and implementing individual plans to ensure your care continues after you leave the hospital. Contact social services designee when help is needed to arrange:

  • Nursing home placement
  • Rehabilitation placement
  • Hospice care
  • In-home community services
  • Durable medical equipment

Community Resources
Social Services designee may have detailed knowledge of available resources to help with problems such as:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Legal issues, such as guardianships
  • Finances

Crisis Intervention and Counseling
Social Services designee may help provide individual, marital or family educational resources when illness or injury may cause any of the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family conflict
  • Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Changes in physical or mental capabilities

If you are interested in obtaining an advance directive or have questions on any of the above information  you may contact our Care Manager:
Robin Mangan
Phone: (208) 252-7654 
Fax: (208) 527-3430



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