Rehabilitation (Swing Bed) Care

Lost Rivers Medical Centers offers our Rehabilitation Care Program (also referred to as “Swing Bed”) as a short stay program, for patients who are unable or not strong enough to return to everyday living after a hospital stay. Some need extra time to recuperate and recover before returning home.

Lost Rivers Medical Center’s Swing Bed Program can help make a smooth transition between acute care and your return home. This allows patients to be close to family and friends during rehabilitation, which can speed up recovery.

What is a Swing Bed?
After surgery or hospitalization, some patients require additional care and transfer into a nursing home or rehabilitation facility to help improve their physical functioning.

At Lost Rivers Medical Center, we can “swing” you from the hospital into our Swing Bed program, which includes skilled nursing, physical rehabilitation and other services based on your treatment plan. Even if you were hospitalized elsewhere, you can transfer to the Rehabilitation/Swing Bed Program here at LRMC, bringing you closer to home.

How do I Qualify for Rehabilitation/Skilled Swing Bed Under the Medicare Program?
Patients who would benefit from Lost Rivers Medical Center’s progam are those who have already been in the hospital for at least 3 days, but require additional nursing care and/or rehabilitation services on a daily basis (for a short term stay of generally 1 to 3 weeks). Examples of patients that would be appropriate for our program are:

  • Those needing care after orthopedic surgery, such as joint replacement or fractures
  • Patients needing to continue or complete IV therapy
  • Patients recovering from an accident, injury or illness
  • Post-surgical patients

What to Expect
Our focus is to improve your functional, nutritional and medical health so you can return home. Our team, which consists of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists (physical and speech), dietitian, social worker designee and discharge planner, will work with you, your family and your physician to create a treatment plan designed to help achieve your treatment goals.

Why Choose Lost Rivers Medical Center
– Low patient to nurse ration
– Our hospitalist program ensures that a physician is readly available
– In-house 24-hour emergency care, if needed
– Physical and speech therapists
– In-house lab and imaging, if needed
– Most importantly, we’re close to your home, family and friends

Payment & Insurance
Medicare will cover skilled swing bed if:

  • You have Medicare Part A and have days left in your benefit period available to use.
  • You have a consecutive, 3-day, acute in-patient hospitalization immediately prior to skilled swing bed care.
  • Your doctor has determined that you need daily skilled care.  Care must be given by or under the direct supervision of skilled nursing or rehabilitation staff.

Medicare coverage is limited to 100 days of skilled swing bed care.  If you meet skilled criteria, Medicare will cover 100% of the first 20 days. You may be discharged before 20 days if daily skilled criteria ends.

If you require a stay past 20 days, co-insurance dollars or self payment will be assigned from day 21 to 100.

*Non-Medicare swing bed is also available.  Swing bed services covered by private insurances require prior authorization.

What do I do when my Rehabilitation/Skilled Care Need Ends?
When your skilled care need ends, Medicare coverage ends for the skilled swing bed stay.  Length of stay for non-Medicare/transitional care is determined by the individual’s private insurance plan.  If the patient does not feel ready to go home at that time, the patient has the following options:

  • A patient may choose to recover further at a nursing home.  OR
  • A patient may wish to return home with a family member or seek an alternative living arrangement (i.e., assisted living).

Have more questions? Call us, we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you.

Rehabilitation/Swing Bed Coordinator: Lyn Amos
Phone: (208) 252-7654 x 527
Fax: (208) 527-3430

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